NYX Game Awards Categories

Game Category

Mobile Game

General Mobile Game Categories

MG23001 Action

MG23002 Adventure

MG23003 Advergame

MG23004 Arcade

MG23005 Casual

MG23006 City-Building (New)

MG23007 Defense

MG23008 Educational

MG23009 Esports

MG23010 Exergame

MG23011 Evolving Game

MG23012 Family

MG23013 Fighting

MG23014 First Person View

MG23015 Horror

MG23016 Idle Game

MG23017 Indie

MG23018 Metaverse Game

MG23019 Multiplayer

MG23020 Ongoing Game

MG23021 Open World

MG23022 Platformer

MG23023 Programming Game

MG23024 Puzzle

MG23025 Racing

MG23026 Real-Time 3D

MG23027 Remaster

MG23028 Role-Playing Game (RPG)

MG23029 Rhythm/Music

MG23030 Simulation

MG23031 Shooting

MG23032 Social

MG23033 Sports

MG23034 Strategy

MG23035 Student

MG23036 Survival

MG23037 Wargame

MG23038 VR/AR

MG23000 Mobile Game/Other: ____

Mobile Game Features

MF23001 Best Animation

MF23002 Best Art Direction

MF23003 Best Audio Design

MF23004 Best Character Design

MF23005 Best Experience

MF23006 Best Game Design

MF23007 Best Game Direction

MF23008 Best Gameplay

MF23009 Best Innovation

MF23010 Best Music

MF23011 Best Narrative

MF23012 Best Performance

MF23013 Best Storytelling

MF23014 Best Technology

MF23015 Best Visual Art

PC Game

General PC Game Categories

PC23001 Action

PC23002 Adventure

PC23003 Advergame

PC23004 Arcade

PC23005 Casual

PC23006 City-Building (New)

PC23007 Defense

PC23008 Educational

PC23009 Esports

PC23010 Exergame

PC23011 Evolving Game

PC23012 Family

PC23013 Fighting

PC23014 First Person View

PC23015 Horror

PC23016 Idle

PC23017 Indie

PC23018 Metaverse Game

PC23019 Multiplayer

PC23020 Ongoing Game

PC23021 Open World

PC23022 Platformer

PC23023 Programming Game

PC23024 Puzzle

PC23025 Racing

PC23026 Real-Time 3D

PC23027 Remaster

PC23028 Role-Playing Game (RPG)

PC23029 Rhythm/Music

PC23030 Simulation

PC23031 Shooting

PC23032 Social

PC23033 Sports

PC23034 Strategy

PC23035 Student

PC23036 Survival

PC23037 Wargame

PC23038 VR/AR

PC23000 PC Game/Other: ____

PC Game Features

PF23001 Best Animation

PF23002 Best Art Direction

PF23003 Best Audio Design

PF23004 Best Character Design

PF23005 Best Experience

PF23006 Best Game Design

PF23007 Best Game Direction

PF23008 Best Gameplay

PF23009 Best Innovation

PF23010 Best Music

PF23011 Best Narrative

PF23012 Best Performance

PF23013 Best Storytelling

PF23014 Best Technology

PF23015 Best Visual Art

Nintendo Switch Game

General Nintendo Switch Game Categories

SW23001 Action

SW23002 Adventure

SW23003 Casual

SW23004 Defense

SW23005 Educational

SW23006 Esports

SW23007 Exergame

SW23008 Evolving Game

SW23009 Family

SW23010 Fighting

SW23011 First Person View

SW23012 Horror

SW23013 Metaverse Game

SW23014 Multiplayer

SW23015 Ongoing

SW23016 Open World

SW23017 Platformer

SW23018 Puzzle

SW23019 Racing

SW23020 Remaster

SW23021 Role-Playing Game (RPG)

SW23022 Rhythm/Music

SW23023 Simulation

SW23024 Shooting

SW23025 Social

SW23026 Sports

SW23027 Strategy

SW23028 Student

SW23029 Survivor

SW23030 Wargame

SW23031 VR/AR

SW23000 Nintendo Switch Game/Others: ____

Nintendo Switch Game Features

SF23001 Best Animation

SF23002 Best Art Direction

SF23003 Best Audio Design

SF23004 Best Character Design

SF23005 Best Experience

SF23006 Best Game Design

SF23007 Best Game Direction

SF23008 Best Gameplay

SF23009 Best Innovation

SF23010 Best Music

SF23011 Best Narrative

SF23012 Best Performance

SF23013 Best Storytelling

SF23014 Best Technology

SF23015 Best Visual Art

Microsoft Xbox Game

General Microsoft Xbox Game Categories

XB23001 Action

XB23002 Adventure

XB23003 Casual

XB23004 Defense

XB23005 Educational

XB23006 Esports

XB23007 Exergame

XB23008 Evolving Game

XB23009 Family

XB23010 Fighting

XB23011 First Person View

XB23012 Horror

XB23013 Metaverse Game

XB23014 Multiplayer

XB23015 Ongoing

XB23016 Open World

XB23017 Platformer

XB23018 Puzzle

XB23019 Racing

XB23020 Remaster

XB23021 Role-Playing Game (RPG)

XB23022 Rhythm/Music

XB23023 Simulation

XB23024 Shooting

XB23025 Social

XB23026 Sports

XB23027 Strategy

XB23028 Student

XB23029 Survival

XB23030 Wargame

XB23031 VR/AR

XB23000 Microsoft Xbox Game/Others: ____

Microsoft Xbox Game Features

XF23001 Best Animation

XF23002 Best Art Direction

XF23003 Best Audio Design

XF23004 Best Character Design

XF23005 Best Experience

XF23006 Best Game Design

XF23007 Best Game Direction

XF23008 Best Gameplay

XF23009 Best Innovation

XF23010 Best Music

XF23011 Best Narrative

XF23012 Best Performance

XF23013 Best Storytelling

XF23014 Best Technology

XF23015 Best Visual Art

Sony PlayStation Game

General Sony PlayStation Game Categories

PS23001 Action

PS23002 Adventure

PS23003 Casual

PS23004 Defense

PS23005 Educational

PS23006 Esports

PS23007 Exergame

PS23008 Evolving Game

PS23009 Family

PS23010 Fighting

PS23011 First Person View

PS23012 Horror

PS23013 Metaverse Game

PS23014 Multiplayer

PS23015 Ongoing

PS23016 Open World

PS23017 Platformer

PS23018 Puzzle

PS23019 Racing

PS23020 Remaster

PS23021 Role-Playing Game (RPG)

PS23022 Rhythm/Music

PS23023 Simulation

PS23024 Shooting

PS23025 Social

PS23026 Sports

PS23027 Strategy

PS23028 Student

PS23029 Survival

PS23030 Wargame

PS23031 VR/AR

PS23000 Sony PlayStation Game/Others: ____

Sony PlayStation Game Features

SS23001 Best Animation

SS23002 Best Art Direction

SS23003 Best Audio Design

SS23004 Best Character Design

SS23005 Best Experience

SS23006 Best Game Design

SS23007 Best Game Direction

SS23008 Best Gameplay

SS23009 Best Innovation

SS23010 Best Music

SS23011 Best Narrative

SS23012 Best Performance

SS23013 Best Storytelling

SS23014 Best Technology

SS23015 Best Visual Art

Meta Quest VR Game (New)

General Meta Quest VR Game (New) Categories

VR23001 Action

VR23002 Adventure

VR23003 Advergame

VR23004 Arcade

VR23005 Casual

VR23006 Defense

VR23007 Educational

VR23008 Escape Room

VR23009 Esports

VR23010 Exergame

VR23011 Evolving Game

VR23012 Family

VR23013 Fighting

VR23014 First Person View

VR23015 Horror

VR23016 Idle

VR23017 Indie

VR23018 Metaverse Game

VR23019 Multiplayer

VR23020 Ongoing Game

VR23021 Open World

VR23022 Platformer

VR23023 Programming Game

VR23024 Puzzle

VR23025 Racing

VR23026 Real-Time 3D

VR23027 Remaster

VR23028 Role-Playing Game (RPG)

VR23029 Rhythm/Music

VR23030 Simulation

VR23031 Shooting

VR23032 Social

VR23033 Sports

VR23034 Strategy

VR23035 Student

VR23036 Survival

VR23037 Wargame

VR23000 VR Game/Other: ____

Meta Quest VR Game (New) Features

VF23001 Best Animation

VF23002 Best Art Direction

VF23003 Best Audio Design

VF23004 Best Character Design

VF23005 Best Experience

VF23006 Best Game Design

VF23007 Best Game Direction

VF23008 Best Gameplay

VF23009 Best Innovation

VF23010 Best Music

VF23011 Best Narrative

VF23012 Best Performance

VF23013 Best Storytelling

VF23014 Best Technology

VF23015 Best Visual Art

Roblox Experiences (New)

General Roblox Experiences (New) Categories

RE23001 Action

RE23002 Adventure

RE23003 Advergame

RE23004 Arcade

RE23005 Casual

RE23006 Defense

RE23007 Educational

RE23008 Escape Room

RE23009 Esports

RE23010 Exergame

RE23011 Evolving Game

RE23012 Family

RE23013 Fighting

RE23014 First Person View

RE23015 Horror

RE23016 Idle

RE23017 Indie

RE23018 Metaverse Game

RE23019 Multiplayer

RE23020 Ongoing Game

RE23021 Open World

RE23022 Platformer

RE23023 Programming Game

RE23024 Puzzle

RE23025 Racing

RE23026 Real-Time 3D

RE23027 Remaster

RE23028 Role-Playing Game (RPG)

RE23029 Rhythm/Music

RE23030 Simulation

RE23031 Shooting

RE23032 Social

RE23033 Sports

RE23034 Strategy

RE23036 Survival

RE23037 Wargame

RE23000 Roblox /Other: ____

Roblox Experiences (New) Features

RF23001 Best Audio Design

RF23002 Best Creative Direction

RF23003 Best Immersive Enviroment

RF23004 Best Innovation

RF23005 Best New Experience

BEST Game Categories

General BEST Game Categories

BB23001 Best Debut

BB23002 Rising Star

BB23003 Best Analytics/Data Tool

BB23004 Best Developer

BB23005 Best Game Engine

BB23006 Best Independent Game

BB23007 Best Indie Developer

BB23008 Best Innovation

BB23009 Best Marketing Team

BB23010 Best Metaverse Game

BB23011 Best Publisher

BB23012 Best Tool Provider

Game Creativity Category

Game Advertising

General Categories

AD23001 Advertisment (Single)

AD23002 Advertisment (Campaign)

AD23003 Banner / Sign

AD23004 Billboard

AD23005 Digital AD (Single)

AD23006 Digital AD (Campaign)

AD23007 Magazine

AD23008 Poster (Single)

AD23009 Poster (Campaign)

AD23010 Promotional Items

AD23000 Advertising / Other____

Game Audio & Radio

General Categories

GA23001 Channel

GA23002 Commercial

GA23003 Editing

GA23004 Podcasting

GA23005 Promotion / Contest

GA23006 On-air Talent

GA23007 Original Game Soundtrack

GA23008 Voice Experience

GA23009 Sound Design

GA23010 Tutorials

GA23011 Viral

GA23000 Game Audio Related / Other___

Game Design

General Categories

GD23001 Brand Identity

GD23002 Character Design

GD23003 Cover Design

GD23004 Creature Design

GD23005 Environment Design

GD23006 Illustration Art

GD23007 Key Art

GD23008 Packaging Design

GD23009 Storyline

GD23010 Weapon Design

GD23000 Design / Other____

Game Original Content

General Categories

GC23001 Ad Copy

GC23002 Advertorial

GC23003 Brand Journalism

GC23004 Communication Plan

GC23005 Editorial

GC23006 Feature Article

GC23007 Magazine

GC23008 Marketing Material

GC23009 News Release

GC23000 Content Marketing / Other___

Game Social Media

General Categories

SM23001 Ad Campaign

SM23002 Branding Campaign

SM23003 Content / Post

SM23004 Co-Brand Collaborations

SM23005 Engagement

SM23006 Events & Live Streaming

SM23007 Educational

SM23008 Influencer Marketing

SM23009 News & Information

SM23010 Promotions & Contests

SM23011 Social Video Marketing

SM23012 Facebook Marketing

SM23013 LinkedIn Marketing

SM23014 TikTok Marketing

SM23015 Twitter Marketing

SM23016 Instagram Marketing

SM23017 Weibo Page

SM23000 Social Marketing / Other____

Game Strategic Campaign

General Categories

SC23001 Branding Strategy Campaign

SC23002 Brand Partnerships Campaign

SC23003 Communication Campaign

SC23004 Digital Marketing Campaign

SC23005 Event Campaign

SC23006 Game Influencer Marketing

SC23007 Interactive Brand Experience

SC23008 Integrated Campaign

SC23009 Metaverse Campaign

SC23010 Mobile Campaign

SC23011 Outdoor Campaign

SC23012 PR Campaign

SC23013 Product Launch Campaign

SC23014 Video Marketing Campaign

SC23015 Virtual Event Campaign

SC23016 Viral Marketing Campaign

SC23000 Strategic Campaign / Other____

Game Website

General Categories

GW23001 Branding

GW23002 Forum

GW23003 Landing Page

GW23004 Magazine

GW23005 Marketplace

GW23006 Microsite

GW23007 Multilingual Site

GW23008 Music

GW23009 Promotion / Contest

GW23000 Website / Other___

Game Video

General Categories

GV23001 Branding

GV23002 Channel

GV23003 Commercial

GV23004 Gameplay Experience

GV23005 Movie / Film

GV23006 Music Video

GV23007 Promotion / Contest

GV23008 Teaser

GV23009 The Making of

GV23010 Trailer

GV23011 Tutorials

GV23012 Viral

GV23013 VR & 360 Video

GV23000 Game Video Related / Other___