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NYX Game Awards

2021 NYX Game Awards Grand Winner: Rovio Entertainment Corporation

NYX Game Awards

An International Competition that Recognizes Creative and Technical Excellence within the International Gaming Industry

NYX Game Awards recognize, celebrate, and honor creative excellence in the international video game industry, valuing those who contribute to ameliorate the community, providing a platform for the voices of the medium’s future.

This award is open to all professional individuals and organizations, whom embody the creative ethos, involved in game developing, game advertising, game marketing, and being an overall game enthusiast.

Consequently, the NYX Game Awards program recognizes the projects, talents, and works of professionals at the forefront of the industry, whom integrate creativity, hard-work, and value into each individual gaming project, to reach each spectrum of audiences around the world.

NYX Game of The Year

The NYX Game of the Year (GotY) is an annual award given to the best game submitted to the NYX Game Awards. This game represents the best gameplay, visuals, plot lines and everything else altogether.

The 2021 NYX Game of the Year (GotY) was awarded to The Last of Us Part II, exemplifying overall excellence and a distinct gaming experience across all platforms and genres. The game represents the best gameplay, visuals, and plot that distinguishes themselves from the competition. The Naughty Dog title also won many accolades, including Platinum in Best Game Design, Best Gameplay, Best Animation, Best Storytelling, Best Game Direction, and more this year.

Highlighted Winners

NYX showcases the most ground-breaking ideas,
created by some of the most remarkable minds in creativity, worldwide.

All Platforms

Mobile Phone, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch

Highlighted Categories

Encompassing more than 300 diverse
for your selection.

Works range from Indie Games to AAA Games, PC to Mobile Games, Creativity to Marketing, and Audio to Video.

PC Game


Indie Game
Multiplayer Game
Best Art Direction
Best Visual Art

Mobile Game


Action Game
Educational Game
Best Animation
Best Experience

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Nintendo Switch Game
Microsoft Xbox Game
Sony PlayStation Game

Game Creativity


Game Strategic Campaign (NEW)
Game Audio & Video (NEW)
Game Design (NEW)

Symbol of Excellence

NYX Statuette

Based on the all-powerful Goddess of Night, the 2022 NYX Awards Statuette emanates beauty and robustness. As with Nyx, the statuette rewards all marvelous works that transcend a clear creative vision, in spite of the emergence of numerous adversaries.

This 13” curvaceous statuette, adorned in a long draping dress, and positioned on top of a solid zinc-alloy base, exemplifies the constant flow of ideas that peruse around the brilliant minds of both game developers and game marketers alike, whilst the perched eagle serves as a conduit to bring forth these concepts and creativity to life.

Crafted with love and passion, the 2022 NYX Awards statuette rewards all whose work transcends a clear creative vision. Earn yours today.

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International Awards Associate

NYX Game Awards is an IAA Competition

The International Awards Associate (IAA) is a group of industry innovators, creators, designers and communications professionals whose commitment is to move the industry forward through discovery and recognition of new and existing talent.










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