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2022 NYX Game Awards Grand Winner: Rovio Entertainment Corporation

2023 NYX Game Awards Grand Winner: Arena Breakout

NYX Game Awards

A Prestigious International Competition that Recognizes Unmatched Creativity and Technical Excellence in the Gaming Industry!

Get ready to witness the greatest minds and projects of the international gaming industry that honors creativity, hard work, and value. The NYX Game Awards recognizes and celebrates the contributions of professionals who are passionate about the gaming world.

This prestigious award is open to all game developers, advertisers, marketers, and enthusiasts who embody the creative ethos of the industry. By joining the NYX Game Awards, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your innovative and awe-inspiring projects, be recognized by the global gaming community, and make your voice heard in the medium's future.

Submit your entries now and let the NYX Game Awards recognize your hard work, innovation, and talent that has brought unparalleled entertainment to gaming enthusiasts around the world!

2023 Season 2


Highlighted Winners

Experience the power of creativity and innovation with NYX, the premier platform that showcases groundbreaking ideas and remarkable talent from around the world.

Highlighted Categories

Encompassing more than 300 diverse categories for your selection.

Works range from Indie Games to AAA Games, PC to Mobile Games, Creativity to Marketing, and Audio to Video.

NYX Game Awards - PC Game


Indie Game
Action Game
Best Game Design
Best Gameplay

NYX Game Awards - Mobile Game


Casual Game
Advanture Game
Multiplayer Game
Best Art Direction

NYX Game Awards - Console Game


Sony PlayStation Game
Microsoft Xbox Game
Nintendo Switch Game
Meta Quest Game

NYX Game Awards - Game Creativity


Game Video
Game Design
Game Audio & Radio
Game Strategic Campaign

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NYX Game Awards is an IAA Competition

The International Awards Associate (IAA) is a group of industry innovators, creators, designers and communications professionals whose commitment is to move the industry forward through discovery and recognition of new and existing talent.


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