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NYX Game Awards

Attention Game Developers and Creative Professionals!

Join NYX in recognizing, celebrating, and honoring creative excellence in the video game industry, and contribute to ameliorating the community with your outstanding achievements.

Whether you're involved in game developing, advertising, marketing, or simply an overall game enthusiast, the NYX Game Awards is open to all professional individuals and organizations who embody the creative ethos.

NYX’s mission is to reinvent the current circumstances and diversify the award winners by adopting an equilibrium for games ranging from indie to AAA titles alike, providing a platform for the voices of the medium's future.

So, don't miss out on the opportunity to gain international recognition and diversified exposure for your exceptional talents - submit your entries now and be a part of the NYX Game Awards legacy!

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NYX Game Awards - PC Game

2022 NYX Game of the Year

The NYX Game of the Year (GotY) is one of the most prestigious titles awarded to the best game submitted into the NYX Game Awards annually. This achievement resembles top-notch quality in all aspects of the game, taking into account the overall gameplay, storytelling skills, mechanics, visuals, and many others that dominates the scene.

The 2022 NYX Game of the Year was awarded to Dying Light 2 Stay Human by Techland after a very meticulous evaluation by the virtuous judges. The game itself has demonstrated an impeccable gameplay that portrays the labyrinthine storytelling which compliments its skillful animation that sealed its fate as a victor that triumphs the rest, nabbing the Platinum Award in Best Gameplay, Best Audio Design, Best Character Design, Best Game Design, Best Experience, Best Art Direction, and more notable achievements for 2022.

2022 Best Independent Game of the Year

Annually, the NYX Game Awards will also select one of the most outstanding winners to receive the Special Recognition Award from all the most spectacular submissions within the year. This time around, Moss: Book ll by Polyarc was granted Special Recognition for the Best Independent Game of the Year for its exceptional environment as each scene is an immersive diorama itself accompanied by its riveting narration that perfectly captures the essence of the tale. This game managed to uphold its reputation by not reconstructing its formula and instead added some tweaks from its predecessor from 2018.

Entry Information

Game Category

Creativity Category

Deadlines & Fees

NYX Game Awards makes every effort to keep entry cost low. Thus, our entry fee is $220 for Game categories, $190 for Game Creativity (Campaign) categories, and $119 for Game Creativity (Single) categories.

Rather than increasing the fee for each entry, fees are only charged in order to cover administrative costs like printing, mailing, and data organization. For this reason, each participant is charged a flat $30 annual administrative fee. When all participants pay the same low fee, those submitting more than one entry will actually pay less than if fees were on a sliding scale.

2023 Entry Period Early Bird
(May 5 - Jun 7, 2023)
(Jun 8 - Jul 5, 2023)
(Jul 6 - Aug 9, 2023)
Final Extension
(Aug 10- Oct 18, 2023)
Game Category
1st Entry
$200 $220 $240 $260
Game Category
Additional Category*
$125 $135 $145 $155
Game Category
Additional Entry
$200 $220 $240 $260
Roblox / Game Creativity
1st Entry
$99 (Single)
$180 (Campaign)
$119 (Single)
$190 (Campaign)
$139 (Single)
$200 (Campaign)
$149 (Single)
$210 (Campaign)
Additional Category* $80 (Single)
$125 (Campaign)
$90 (Single)
$135 (Campaign)
$100 (Single)
$145 (Campaign)
$110 (Single)
$155 (Campaign)
Additional Entry $99 (Single)
$180 (Campaign)
$119 (Single)
$190 (Campaign)
$139 (Single)
$200 (Campaign)
$149 (Single)
$210 (Campaign)
Early Results Announcement: Oct 2, 2023 (Entries Submitted by Sep 13)
Full Results Announcement: Nov 3, 2023 (Entries Submitted after Sep 13)

* You may submit an entry into multiple categories at the same time. The first Category will be charged as per the original submission fee. Additional categories (2 or more) will be charged as such.

Work submitted must have been created / released within the last 2 years.

NYX Statuette

Embody the Power of Creativity and Excellence with the 2023 NYX Awards Statuette, Inspired by the Goddess of Night!

The 2023 NYX Awards statuette is a symbol that emanates beauty, robustness, and the constant flow of ideas that peruse around the brilliant minds of game developers and marketers alike.

This 13" curvaceous statuette adorned in a long draping dress, and positioned on top of a solid zinc-alloy base, exemplifies the spirit of creativity and excellence that defines the NYX Awards.

With its perched eagle serving as a conduit to bring forth your concepts and creativity to life, this exquisite statuette rewards all whose work transcends a clear creative vision, in spite of the emergence of numerous adversaries.

Winner’s Benefits

Benefits / Winning Level NYX Game of the Year (GoTY) Grand
Statuette - - -
Appearance on Winner’s Highlight Page - -
Mentioned in Winner Press Release - -
Mentioned in e-Newsletter - -
Mentioned in Media Partner's Website: Muse.World -
Dedicated Social Media Post -
Winner’s Interview
Dedicated Winners’ Page
Eligible to Purchase Statuette
Physical Copy of Winner’s Certificate
Winner’s Badge
Press Release Template
Sharing of Winners’ Press Release on the Award’s Official Website Under the “News” Section
Note: Winners to provide the press release link
Permission to Embed the NYX Game Awards Winner’s Logo Onto Your Facebook Cover Photo
Permission to Embed the NYX Game Awards Winner’s Logo Onto Your Electronic Signature
Permission to Embed the NYX Game Awards Winner’s Badge Onto Your Product Packaging
[ ] Available, [ - ] Not Available

Why NYX Game Awards?

Join the Ranks of Creatives at NYX Game Awards and be Recognized in the International Gaming Industry!

At NYX Game Awards, the best ideas and concepts are the ones that are able to portray messages via their immersive gaming projects, stories, and marketing campaigns, extending their overall reach worldwide while prompting awareness towards these excellent works.

NYX honors the far-reaching efforts of creatives around the world whose work is far beyond the ordinary, and proudly celebrates your arrival on the global stage of innovation and ingenuity!

Join the ranks of the most exceptional talents in the video gaming and creative industries and be recognized for your talent, ingenuity, and so much more today!

Certified Level of Quality


Winners will receive a certificate, in recognition of their achievement and proof of the quality of their work.

Increase International Reputation


Expand your clientele globally with a win in this prestigious award with an international reach.

Online Profile Display


Have your marketing profile on display in the NYX Game Awards’ website, offering direct links to online platforms for an extended reach.

Interview with Winners


All winners will get a chance to submit your interview and be featured on NYX Game Awards’ Media Partner website - Muse.World, an international blog for creative inspiration.

Marketing & PR


Entering the awards is considerably affordable, as compared to marketing, and the returns upon winning is unmistakably huge.

A Reason to go to Press


Winning in the NYX Game Awards is something to boast about. Gain exposure with free PR opportunities and our press-release template for winners.

5 Years Recognition


Your award-winning entries will be featured on our NYX Game Awards’ website.

Morable Boost


Play as a team, win as a team. Increase the morale of your team with a win in the awards, and see an increase in team productivity.

Deepen Clientele's Loyalty


Convince and assure your existing clientele with your success.

Pave Your Path


Win and swing things to your favor! Launch your career to greater heights with a win, and let your clients come to you.

Multiple Awards Programs


Multiple award programs catered to creatives of the gaming industry.

Reputable Blind Judging


Over 20 International jurors evaluate the game submissions each year.

Affordable Entry Fee


NYX Game Awards keep entry fees low to encourage individual / agency participation.

Simple Online Submission Process


Simple entry steps with online submission.

No "Acceptance Fee"


No "acceptance fee" for winners.