NYX Statuettes

NYX Game Awards Statuettes

Based on the all-powerful Goddess of Night, the NYX Awards Statuette emanates beauty and robustness. As with Nyx, the statuette rewards all marvelous works that transcend a clear creative vision, in spite of the emergence of numerous adversaries.

Fashioned in zinc with a chrome finishing, this 13” curvaceous statuette, adorned in a long draping dress, and positioned on top of a solid zinc-alloy base, exemplifies the constant flow of ideas that peruse around the brilliant minds of both game developers and game marketers alike, whilst the perched eagle serves as a conduit to bring forth these concepts and creativity to life. The statuette is available exclusively for all our NYX Awards winners.

Prized at $299*, each statuette can be personalized to your fancy with an engraved Grand, Gold or Silver nameplate on its base, becoming a celebratory piece that celebrates your creative expertise and proficiency.

(*Exclude Shipping Fee. Entrants are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes, should local customs authority deem appropriate.)

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